Unboxing and Assembling Your Studio in a Box

You’ve just received your Studio in a Box, and if you’re like most of our clients, you’re feeling overwhelmed at all the gear we’ve stuffed in there. You might even have trouble recognizing some of the pieces!

Never fear, that’s why you’re here. This video explains exactly what you should do next, step by step, from the unboxing to the assembly. We recommend clicking the fullscreen button at the bottom right corner of the video, and also pausing regularly to complete things one piece at a time. Simply click play and go at your own pace.

Feeling overwhelmed?

It’s okay if you don’t know how anything works yet, we’re just putting the pieces together and we can worry about that stuff later. If you have any questions about the assembly itself, please send us an email or tell us during your scheduled Skype session.

One quick note: we’re always making improvements to the equipment we send our clients. So one or two pieces of your setup might be upgrades that differ slightly from that shown in this video.

Once you finish this step, let’s move onto Step 2, preparing to shoot.

VidSimple Beginners: Table of Contents

  1. Step One – Unboxing and Assembling Your Studio in a Box
  2. Step Two – Preparing to Shoot With Your New Studio
  3. Step Three – Manual Settings Secrets
  4. Step Four – Ingesting the Footage
  5. Step Five – Introduction to the Collaborative Video Player
  6. Step Six – Uploading Your Footage to the CVP