Introduction to the Collaborative Video Player

Welcome to your CVP

The CVP is the online workspace that holds your raw footage, your videos in progress, and your finished productions. It’s the primary means of communication between you and your editors, and so you can think of it as the kitchen where the work gets done.

How to access

To log into the CVP so you can upload through your browser:

  • Visit
  • Enter your Username (which should be the same as you use to access this website)
  • Enter your Password (which should be the same as you use to access this website)
  • If you’re having trouble logging in, email us at and we’ll take care of you
Quick note

Sometimes if you get signed out of the CVP, you may be taken to a login screen that asks for not just Username and Password, but also Account Name. When that happens, the Account Name is sunpop

What you can do in the CVP
  • Upload your raw footage to your secure online workspace, so you and your editors can view it from anywhere
  • Watch your videos, and make comments regarding specific moments of the video within the timeline itself
  • Interact with your editors, responding to each other to achieve clarity on instructions
  • Request that your editors begin editing a specific piece of raw footage into a finished video
  • View the polished videos that your editors completed, and either approve the work or reject and then request a new edit
  • Download the approved and finished videos right to your desktop
  • And much more, including tagging the videos, creating folders, and customizing your workspace to stay organized.

Once you’re comfortable logging into the CVP, and you feel like you understand the basics of what it can do, then you’re ready to move on to Step 6, uploading.

VidSimple Beginners: Table of Contents

  1. Step One – Unboxing and Assembling Your Studio in a Box
  2. Step Two – Preparing to Shoot With Your New Studio
  3. Step Three – Manual Settings Secrets
  4. Step Four – Ingesting the Footage
  5. Step Five – Introduction to the Collaborative Video Player
  6. Step Six – Uploading Your Footage to the CVP